Before you get started, we wanted to quickly share a basic set of principles: 


Active participation: Participating in the REAKTOR program involves assigning the right resources to be present at the Reaktor activities for the duration of the four-month program. At least one person per startup present at each masterclass or walking dinner.

Reporting: it’s critical important to stay updated on the status of the business. In this logic, we will ask you to send out full updates at least once per month (based on a template provided). These updates will allow you to enrich the necessary documents (one pager, pitch deck, etc.) for networking with national and international investors.


Team spirit :During 4 months, you will evolve alongside other startups. We ask you to play the game and take advantage of being together to share your expertise.


Shared experience: We wait from you to write an article sharing your practical experience regarding one of the themes included in the program. The various articles written during the program will serve as the basis for a book on scale up to which you will have contributed. 


Public website: Unless requested not to, we’ll add your logo to the public Engine website. 


Yearly portfolio update: We also have our own legal reporting requirements and need to keep our accounts up to date. We’ll contact you on a regular basis to collect the most recent data on your valuation and captable. We aim to make this as simple as possible and appreciate your assistance with this.