Is it something for you?

Definitely, if you can tick all of the 3 following boxes:

1)    The Product-Market Fit

a. Your startup should have first revenues and/ or showing customers-users’ growth.
b. Your startup should present the potential to develop a repeatable business (growth potential)
c. Your startup is looking to develop monetization (not just growing an audience)

2)    Funding

a. Your startup has already raised capital (up to 250.000 euros) and aspire to a second/ third round of fundraising (up to 1 M€)
b. Your startup is likely to create leverage with the planned investment
c. Your startup is ready to invest some money (growth hacking campaigns, etc.) and some time (1 days/week)

3)    Team and commitment

a.  Your startup is legally constituted
b.  All co-founders must be full-time dedicated to the startup (no outside work).
c.   You will commit to do what is required to succeed. This includes assigning the right resources to be present at the Reaktor activities for the duration of the four-month program.


⇒ If you are a highly scalable company with products/ services already on the market and with the potential to achieve traction and raise money, the Reaktor is for you!