Our commitment

The Reaktor Program is an equity free acceleration program during which you will work intensively with other carefully selected startups to get your startup into the best shape and refine your investment readiness. Each program ends with networking with investors from Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. But the Reaktor doesn’t end with these international pitch sessions. The Reaktor network (coaches and experts) continue to support you beyond. 


Everything we do has the single goal of making our founders and startups successful. We are not your typical accelerator program where hundreds of companies are "accelerated" each year. Instead, we work with no more than ten companies per year, doing whatever is necessary -- for as long as necessary -- to ensure that each and every company achieves the operating milestones required for the next round of financing.


What’s in it for you?


A tailor-made program focusing on the relevant expertise you need to move forward.

EXPERTS: National and international experts will let you benefit from their hands-on experience by sharing their tips & tricks. Every week one or two specific expert(s) will come to give a lecture before spending time with startups who have expressed specific needs. In addition, two bootcamps will be organized. Our aim is to better equip you with the skills & tools needed to accelerate your growth and refine your investment readiness.Fundraising / Due diligence

  • Fundraising (Frank Maene, Volta Venture)

  • Investor Mindset (Patrick Polak- Newion Investments)

  • Valuation of the startup (Thibaut Claes - WING)

  • Legal aspects of fundraising (Thomas Daenen -Beyond Law Firm)

  • Subsidies (Marc-Antoine Cajot - Monkey Bridge)

  • Accounting & Financials (Jaime Cuykens - Innovation Banker ING / Nicolas Biet & Alexandre Simon- The Faktory)

  • Pricing (Omar Mohout - Sirris)

  • Sales & Marketing (Guy Bouckaert - Cap Innove, Mathias Ervyn - Media Dreams)

  • SEO, SEA & Conversion (Jean Sprimont - Media*A)

  • Scaling strategy (Omar Mohout - Sirris)

  • Technological architecture for scaling up (Jose Manuel Rodriguez - Amazon)

  • Team & Organizational Development (David Mellet - cofounder DeepCo)

  • HR & recruitment (Stephanie Krick -Cofounder Sense and Connect, Caroline Dufrane - Qualifio, Myriam Malou - MM Management)

  • Governance & Board Management (Philippe Lemmens- COO Andaman7/ Partner Lean Studio)

  • Oral presentation

INVESTORS: To build a meaningful, eventually very large and profitable company, you need access to capital. The Reaktor program will be structured around various meetings with national investors before ending with international pitch sessions.

COACHES: You’ll get hands-on guidance and support throughout the entire program and beyond. Coaches will challenge your project in the light of what will have been presented by the experts.

NETWORKING: During those four months, a dinner will be hosted once a month with the presence of startup founders, venture capitalists and executives from leading companies.

  • Olivier de Brauwere - Brussels Beer Project TBC

  • Ines Mertens - Inventures / Impact Venture Capital Fund

  • Corentin Orsini - Super Capital

  • Marc Gendebien - Expon Capital

  • Dominique Mangiatordi - OPP Startup Studio

  • Juan Schmitz - Gymlib

  • Charles de Groote - Sortlist

  • Nicolas Quarré - Accountable

  • Joel Rikir - E-Sping Capital

Through this intensive program, the Reaktor aims to get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale

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The program will take place in inspiring co-working spaces in Wallonia.


Is it something for you?

Definitely, if you can tick all of the 3 following boxes:

1)    The Product-Market Fit

a. Your startup should have first revenues and/ or showing customers-users’ growth.
b. Your startup should present the potential to develop a repeatable business (growth potential)
c. Your startup is looking to develop monetization (not just growing an audience)

2)    Funding

a. Your startup has already raised capital (up to 250.000 euros) and aspire to a second/ third round of fundraising (up to 1 M€)
b. Your startup is likely to create leverage with the planned investment
c. Your startup is ready to invest some money (growth hacking campaigns, etc.) and some time (1 days/week)

3)    Team and commitment

a.  Your startup is legally constituted
b.  All co-founders must be full-time dedicated to the startup (no outside work).
c.   You will commit to do what is required to succeed. This includes assigning the right resources to be present at the Reaktor activities for the duration of the four-month program.


⇒ If you are a highly scalable company with products/ services already on the market and with the potential to achieve traction and raise money, the Reaktor is for you!


How can you apply?

You can apply by clicking the ‘apply now’ button on this page (from December 03, 2018). It will link you to a questionnaire. Finalizing this questionnaire will mean you have officially applied. In any case, you will receive news from us on the next steps.


Applications open from December 03, 2018


One single application per startup will be admitted. If more than one entry is found from any startup, the first entry made will be taken as the valid one 

The selection process

The selection process will be divided into two phases:

Pre-selection of candidates: Applications will be evaluated by the Program Management Team, which will pre-select a maximum of 15 startups. Each application will be assessed from 0 to 100 points using the following criteria:

  • Team: Presence of business & technological knowledge. Diverse, innovative and with strong entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Traction: First revenues and /or users-customers’ growth. Aspiration to become a leader in your sector/industry

  • Potential: Promising and innovative idea that has the potential to disrupt various industries and sectors. Desire to scale and learn.


Selection of finalist startups: The preselected teams will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee, consisting of two members of Creative Wallonia Engine, three coaches, and members from the main partners of the Reaktor, through ‘pitching’ interviews and group dynamics based on the evaluation criteria defined in this section. In the case of local startups, interviews will be held face to face and, in the case of startups located outside of Belgium via videoconference.

We will select between 6 and 9 startups. The exact number is less important than the qualitative considerations. Our aim is to select great startups for whom our program can make a substantial difference.

Once selected, you will not have to pay a fee for participating at the Reaktor program. You will however bear your own costs and fund all activities of your staff, technology and other resources during the program. Subsidized by FEDER, it should be noted that this program represents a “minimis aid” of 15,600 euros.



Before you get started, we wanted to quickly share a basic set of principles: 


Active participation: Participating in the REAKTOR program involves assigning the right resources to be present at the Reaktor activities for the duration of the four-month program. At least one person per startup present at each masterclass or walking dinner.

Reporting: it’s critical important to stay updated on the status of the business. In this logic, we will ask you to send out full updates at least once per month (based on a template provided). These updates will allow you to enrich the necessary documents (one pager, pitch deck, etc.) for networking with national and international investors.


Team spirit :During 4 months, you will evolve alongside other startups. We ask you to play the game and take advantage of being together to share your expertise.


Shared experience: We wait from you to write an article sharing your practical experience regarding one of the themes included in the program. The various articles written during the program will serve as the basis for a book on scale up to which you will have contributed. 


Public website: Unless requested not to, we’ll add your logo to the public Engine website. 


Yearly portfolio update: We also have our own legal reporting requirements and need to keep our accounts up to date. We’ll contact you on a regular basis to collect the most recent data on your valuation and captable. We aim to make this as simple as possible and appreciate your assistance with this.