How can you apply?

You can apply by clicking the ‘apply now’ button on this page. It will link you to a questionnaire. Finalizing this questionnaire will mean you have officially applied. In any case, you will receive news from us on the next steps.


Applications open till February 16th


The registration form must be accompanied by a video presentation of the startup in English, where the motivation for participating in the program is explained. This video should be consistent with the assessment criteria for the screening of candidates listed in the following section. One single application per startup will be admitted. If more than one entry is found from any startup, the first entry made will be taken as the valid one


The selection process

The selection process will be divided into two phases:

Pre-selection of candidates: Applications will be evaluated by the Program Management Team, which will pre-select a maximum of 15 startups. Each application will be assessed from 0 to 100 points using the following criteria:


§  Team: Presence of business & technological knowledge. Diverse, innovative and with strong entrepreneurial mindset.

§  Traction: First revenues and /or users-customers’ growth. Aspiration to become a leader in your sector/industry

§  Potential: Promising and innovative idea that has the potential to disrupt various industries and sectors. Desire to scale and learn.


Selection of finalist startups: The preselected teams will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee, consisting of three members of Creative Wallonia Engine, three coaches, and one member from each of the main partner companies, through ‘pitching’ interviews and group dynamics based on the evaluation criteria defined in this section. In the case of local startups, interviews will be held face to face and, in the case of startups located outside of Belgium via videoconference.


We will select between 6 and 8 startups. The exact number is less important than the qualitative considerations. Our aim is to select great startups for whom our programme can make a substantial difference.

Applying is free of cost. Once selected, you will not have to pay a fee for participating at the Reaktor program. You will however bear your own costs and fund all activities of your staff, technology and other resources during the programme.